Thursday, February 21, 2013

More art remake

Yes I really love those remake!!!
I tried to recolor my art named Tree Love...........
What a result!! Copic markers and chine

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fall in Love the remake...with Copic markers

I tried to recolor using Copic markers one of my favorite pieces named "Fall in Love" .
The result, with Copic.....
I think, is a rich and full texture, the colors are vibrant. Maybe I need to try different colors combination but I confirm that the new love is named Copic Markers

Really, everytime that I watch this watercolour capture me, with few brush touches is pure light and sentiment (love!) .

Fall in Love ----original version ------cc Deborah Faenza watercolour  and chine---

but,  I want try to make something different, a kind of vintage version on it.
Sometimes look at the past is so inspiring!
I love the heavy wool look of the pants of the boy.  Can I almost feel the warm of his handmade scarf.....same feelings for the girl sunny coat!

Fall in Love Remake 2013 -cc Deborah Faenza ---Chine and Copic Markers 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love in a teacup

Love in a teacup---Save the Date

Love in a teacup, my last work, 
I like the idea of a tiny space, as a teacup, were you can share your things with the loved one.
The love is there...what else!!!

Chine and Copic Markers on watercolour paper