Sunday, May 6, 2012

A sparkle Pinterest love

I do have a facebook page, but not used at all. To many personal info to share.
I do have a twitter account, but I'm to shy for writing down that I'm drinking a cup of coffee at that moment.
I think nobody can be interested in it.
Then came Pinterest ......... BAM (as Emeril would say)
Totally in love.
Simple, intuitive , addictive.
I think I'm a tasteful person and, most of all, I only like tastefully nice images.

I choose only images that call me for their x factor.
Like when you meet new persons and you see the sparkle in their eyes, I call it the personal x factor and for me is what makes the difference.

So, give me a try and follow me on Pinterest, you will not regret.

Waiting for new followers I have to go...time to Pin something.

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