Sunday, November 11, 2012

christmas snowmen card

Hello I'm here, so busy on creating new christmas design. 
What are you thinkin about those cute snowmen? They make me smile! I love the hand drawn part , togheter the gray clean message whimsy. 
Did  I tell you that this card, like all my other can be used for free as ecard or einvitations at
Or you can  buy the print at a really good price.

Let's do something different this year for Christmas, spreads my artist greetingscard.

Now I'm going back to sketches , cappuccino and pumpkin's's the most wonderfull time of the year!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

fall printable thank you

(mouse right clic, save on your computer, print)

What do you think about those sweet printables thank you cards. I love them!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Copic mon amour

Hello, how are you?
here almost ready for the start of the autumn activities , school, sports and those afternoons spent sipping hot tea.
Thinking about all those breezy afternoons I drew this little girl, isn't she pretty?
I also used my new beloved Copic markers as a media for this design . I think the effect is really interesting .... don't you?

See you soon my hot tea and Copic are waiting for me.
ciao Deda

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cozy autumn in copic

Hi all,
fall is almost here, let's be prepared .... I want to share with you this new pingg card.
Freshly made today....with love!!!

I used my pretty new copic markers for these art work...let me know!


Monday, August 20, 2012

wedding thumbprint tree

I just made one hand drawn and personalized piece of keepsake art. 

Instead of signing a guest book, your guests fill your wedding thumbprint tree with leaves and signatures creating for you a beautiful daily reminder of your special day and those who shared it with you. This is also great for a family reunion, a baptism or a birthday.

If you like to have my wedding thumbprint tree personalized for you, let me know I can make it also in a printable file!!!!

See you soon

Question :
Do you like a wedding thumbrint tree instead of traditional guestbook for your bigday?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

printable wedding thank you card

(clic to enlarge then mouse right clic, save on your computer, print)

Hi , today I want to share one of my favorite printable Wedding Thank You Card.
The couple is so sweet, the ring huge as their strong love.

I will be so glad to know what are you thinking about this Wedding Thank You Card

Feel free to use it, for a personal use only.
Please do not use this images for other than printing on your home printer.

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's raining love greeting card

Today 's post is about my last pingg ecard. 

Ok it's almost summer but I like to much autumn  atmosphere. 
The cold, the wind, the rain , makes everything more romantic. 
When I drawn this artwork I thought about a rainy afternoon shared with your loved one, under one umbrella with eyes only for him.

I tried to coloring the work with photoshop and I think that the result it's pretty nice. Tomorrow I will try to coloring it with watercolour.
Will posting you the result .

Waiting for comments and suggestions.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

A sparkle Pinterest love

I do have a facebook page, but not used at all. To many personal info to share.
I do have a twitter account, but I'm to shy for writing down that I'm drinking a cup of coffee at that moment.
I think nobody can be interested in it.
Then came Pinterest ......... BAM (as Emeril would say)
Totally in love.
Simple, intuitive , addictive.
I think I'm a tasteful person and, most of all, I only like tastefully nice images.

I choose only images that call me for their x factor.
Like when you meet new persons and you see the sparkle in their eyes, I call it the personal x factor and for me is what makes the difference.

So, give me a try and follow me on Pinterest, you will not regret.

Waiting for new followers I have to go...time to Pin something.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

a roses tableau mariage

Today's post is about my last project : "Rose's tableau mariage". 

Here's shown in his full size. 

The bride asked for a clean line, simple with style.
I  thought for a while than I choose a champagne satin for the background and a polkadot brown satin as a colour accent.
Tulle and few satin roses on top.

I miss just some sparkly things like Swarosky cristals to dot on tulle.

Friday, May 4, 2012

creative process of a daisy tableau mariage

Q:  Where to start a new project?
A:   Always with paper and pencils.

This way you can draw what is coming out of your brain storming about a specific theme.
When I was at school we called this process "Extempore".

That was my favorite part,all different version of your initial ideas...the image metamorphosis,  the birth of something nobody knew before you did, was only pictured on your mind.

Still working on it.

I'm working on reduced size "tableau" to simplify and fasten what will be the material used, the fonts sample, Mr&Mrs table and guests table.

sunflowers tableau mariage

Today I'm posting few example of my new ideas.
This is  an  example of Tableau Mariage, often used in Italy to set guests at weddings. Simple than escort cards , everything is on a board.

The couple asked me a sunflower theme.

They was so happy of this.

I think that the burlap layer it's giving a rustic twist to the satin yellow base layer.

Then tulle accent as a final touch.

Don't you think tulle can make everything bridie?

Hope you like it.

Ciao Deda

Monday, January 16, 2012

Basilica dei fieschi ---- what a wonderful place

This is my church, called " Basilica of Fieschi's" (Basilica dei fieschi). 
From the early years of the twelfth century, on the hill, surrounded by beautiful olive groves

Friday, January 6, 2012

fly me to the moon

today I want to share with you another work that I really love so much.
Is named "Fly me to the moon", like the song.
This is the version save the date but I also used for wedding wishes and invitation.
Let me know what are you thinking about.

If you like it just copy the image and use it.

Need help , suggestion, feel free to contact me.
Have a nice week end

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

fall in love

Do you like it? Use it!
Here an example of what you can make for a fall Save the Date engagement or wedding invitation. If you need more help just contact me at

happy new year

Hello and welcome back, new year new energy and ideas to share.
Now what better than start doing something with my arts.......i wish to post you my new artworks and I will be glad if you will start using it. 
I  will be happy just to know when you used my artworks and that you will share my page with your friends and family.
more you use more I'm happy